Department of Plant Physiology


  • Head of the Department:
    • Professor Waldemar Karcz
  • Academic Teachers:
    • Professor Mariusz Pietruszka
    • Eugeniusz Małkowski PhD, DSc
    • Zbigniew Burdach, PhD
    • Renata Kurtyka, PhD
    • Agnieszka Siemieniuk, PhD
    • Michał Ludynia, MSc
    • Małgorzata Rudnicka, MSc
    • Krzysztof Sitko, MSc
  • Technical Staff:
    • Małgorzata Kędziorska, MSc
    • Ewa Andrysek


Main field of research:

  • effect of abiotic stress (temperature, heavy metals, electric and magnetic fields, UV-radiation) on electrical phenomena in plant cells;
  • regulation of plant growth under abiotic stress;
  • phenomenon of heavy metals hyperaccumulation in plants – laboratory and in situ investigations;
  • relationships between heavy metals and physiological processes (photosynthesis, accumulation of macro- and microelements, oxidative stress) in cereal plants;
  • a role of arbuscular mycorrhiza in heavy metals accumulation in plants;
  • quantum aspects of life;
  • quantum bio-informatics.

For students:

  • PhD Studies:
    • Abiotic stress in plants
  • Erasmus +
    • Electric phenomena in plants