Department of Plant Anatomy and Cytology



  • Head of the Department:
    • Professor Robert Hasterok, PhD, DSc
  • Academic Teachers and Researchers:
    • Professor Jolanta Małuszyńska, PhD, DSc – Emeritus Professor
    • Bożena Kolano, PhD, DSc
    • Jolanta Kwaśniewska, PhD, DSc
    • Alexander Betektin, PhD
    • Natalia Borowska-Żuchowska, PhD
    • Agnieszka Brąszewska-Zalewska, PhD
    • Dominika Idziak-Helmcke, PhD
    • Maja Orzechowska, PhD
    • Ewa Robaszkiewicz, PhD
    • Elżbieta Wolny, PhD
  • Technical Staff:
    • Magdalena Rojek, PhD
    • Marta Hosiawa-Barańska, MSc
    • Marta Sowa, MSc


Main field of reseach:

  • plant genome and epigenome organisation in vivo and in vitro;
  • grass nuclear genom structure, evolution and dynamics at the cytomolecular level using Brachypodium species as model organisms;
  • chromatin structure in different phases of the cycle;
  • physical localisation of both genes and non-coding DNA sequences;
  • stability of plant nuclear genome after treatment with physical and chemical mutagens.

Unique resources of the Department:

  • state of the art plant molecular cytogenetics lab;
  • multichannel wide-field epifluorescence microscope Zeiss AxioImager.Z2 with Apotome.2 interface;
  • digital image cytometer Olympus Scan^R;
  • germplasm collections of different Brachypodium species and ecotypes.
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For students:

  • Erasmus +:
    • Introduction to the structure of eukaryotic organisms
    • Molecular Cytogenetics
  • PhD studies on Advanced methods in biology and biodiversity:
    • Advanced molecular cytogenetics;
    • Chromatin immunostaining methods;
    • Plant morphogenesis in vitro and in vivo.