Studies on our Faculty

Field of Study: Biology

If you are interested in nature, animal and plant biology as well as the human body and how it functions, let your knowledge develop in our Bachelor’s degree studies in the field of biology. Here you will get acquainted with the basics of natural sciences, notice plant and animal diversity, understand the secrets of physiology, genetics, biochemistry and microbiology as well as the structure and functions of the human body.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your interests by taking part in one of our student’s scientific clubs, which are operating at our faculty. As soon as your knowledge fully blooms, let if flourish in the Master’s degree studies. Then you will be able to focus your interests by choosing one of our three specialist branches:

General and experimental biology (if you are interested plant and animal biology, cellular mechanisms and for those who love doing experiments and laboratory work)

Ecology and environmental protection (if your thoughts are close to ecology, biogeography and plant and animal protection)

Natural resources management (if you want to know how to assess natural resources while learning how to manage them)

Field of study: food and nutrition biology

This Master’s degree program is mainly addressed to those who graduated from the studies of the following fields: biology, biotechnology, dietetics, medical biology or similar. If you are interested in the issues of human and animal nutrition, if you want to know what you really eat or what diet supplements are, this field is for you. Here you will find out how genes determine what we should eat, how our food influences our health and fitness, and what foods are functional and ecological. You will discover advanced analytical methods applied in food quality assessments. If you are interested in animal nutrition, a choice of optional courses are available for to you select to find out the rules of food preparation for wild and domesticated animals and test your knowledge in a practical application (we offer internships in a Zoological Garden).

With us you will be able to expand your scope!

Field of study: Biotechnology

If you are interested in molecular basis of biological processes and its practical application in various branches of industry you should study biotechnology. You will learn biotechnological methods using experimental and technological processes focused primarily on microorganisms and domesticated plants.

During the Bachelor degree studies, you will acquire a basic knowledge on molecular process of life, how the cell functions, developmental biology, basics of bioprocess engineering, chemical analytics and biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship.

As a Master degree student, you will widen your knowledge and gain new qualifications in planning experiments, solving research problems and taking part in scientific discussions. You may choose from two specialties: plant biotechnology and environmental biotechnology. Both of them will give you reliable and modern knowledge on the molecular basis of biotechnological processes utilizing plants and microorganisms introduced into agricultural production and industry and environmental protection. A wide range of learning material, such as, audiovisual media, databases, software and other tools will be at your fingertips.

Field of study: Environmental protection

The Bachelor degree studies offer reliable knowledge on natural sciences with a particular focus on ecology, civilization threats and sustainable development, environmental protection, biodiversity, environmental microbiology, chemistry, geology, management of raw materials, soil remediation, hydrology and hydroeconomy, and law in environmental protection. You will be able to back up your theoretical knowledge by taking advantage of our field courses and internships that are offered.

Continuing studies your education in our Master degree studies you will have the opportunity to choose one of the following specialties: 1) monitoring and management in environmental protection, 2) geoecology, 3) physico-chemical methods of environmental protection, 4) modern instrumental methods. You will have the options to choose ecotoxicology, waste management, modelling of natural phenomena, land use and environmental valorization to study as well. Within this study program we offer you will the chance to cooperate with institutions and companies in Poland and abroad.

Moreover, as a student of any of the fields, in the Erasmus + program, you will have the opportunity to study abroad in one of our partner universities. If you would like to be a teacher, here you will be able to choose an optional study program that offers you the ability to be a teacher.