Advanced methods in biotechnology and biodiversity (third-cycle)

PhD in Advanced Methods in Biotechnology and Biodiversity

Degree: Doctorate degree

Duration: 4 years

Registration fee: €100

Tuition fee per semester: €2,100

Description:PhD students participate in courses prepared by various laboratoriess of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection (see the programme of PhD studies). Course examples: Advanced molecular cytogenetics; Chromatin immunostaining methods; Plant morphogenesis in vivo and in vitro; Cyto- and histochemical analysis of embryonic animal tissues; Biomarkers in studies of exposure and effects of xenobiotics in the environment; Biotechnology of microorganisms; Practical bioinformatics; Plant functional genomics; Techniques for biodiversity of soil microorganisms, plants and animals.

The aim of all courses of the programmeis to teach the students how to apply a variety of advanced research methods with support of the faculty labs. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to improve their presentation skills through attending workshops on Effective presentation. They can also participate in departmental and faculty’s seminars, as well as in a selection of lectures provided by guest researchers in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme – LLP/Erasmus. All courses are in English.

All PhD students are involved in research projects leading to the achievement of PhD degree. Students will be supervised by the senior academic staff. The projects are conducted in collaboration with future supervisor and are in line with the research profile of the department involved.

Admission requirements

Both Polish and foreign students are eligible to apply provided that they have the M.Sc. or equivalent degree in the discipline that is adequate to the proposed PhD project. The duration of doctoral studies is up to four years. On-line recruitment registration is open at the University of Silesia recruitment website. Candidates are obliged also to provide printed applications to the Faculty Office;

The complete application submitted to the Faculty Office should include:

  • CV;
  • diploma of the M.Sc. or equivalent degree with supplement;
  • letter of recommendation from the faculty staff and his or her declaration of will to become the supervisor;
  • declaration of the future supervisor on the availability of funds necessary to conduct research project by the PhD student;
  • synopsis of the research project that will lead to the doctoral degree;
  • list of the candidate’s publications and conference presentations (please include also copies of the first page of each publication);
  • certificates of foreign language skills;
  • three ID photos;

The candidates are ranked on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the outcome of an interview with a candidate in English, conducted by the recruitment panel (from 0 to 10 points);
  2. the scientific achievements documented by the list of publications and conference presentations: publication – 5 points, conference (oral, poster) presentation – 2 points, participation in a research grant – 3 points;
  3. certificates of foreign language skills (2 points for each language).

The candidates may apply for stipends financed by the Rector of the University of Silesia.