Department of Cell Biology



  • Head of the Department:
    • Professor Ewa Kurczyńska
  • Academic Teachers:
    • Ewa Mazur, PhD
    • Małgorzata Polak, PhD
    • Katarzyna Sala, PhD
    • Justyna Wróbel-Marek, PhD
    • Anna Milewska-Hendel, MSc
  • Technical Staff:

Main field of research:

  • spatio-temporal changes in symplasmic communication during plant cell differentiation;
  • application of immunohistological techniques on the light and electron microscope level in monitoring of changes in chemical composition of plant cell walls under the influence of internal and external factors;
  • analysis of the nanoparticles impact of plant development.

Unique resources of the Department:

  • Tissue cell pressure probe allowing determination of the turgor, plasma membrane plasticity, cell wall properties and presence of aquaporin.

For students:

  • Erasmus +:
    • Eukaryotic cell ultrastructure and electron microscopy techniques
    • Advanced light microscope techniques
  • PhD studies on Advanced methods in biotechnology and biodiversity:
    • Plant morphogenesis in vivo and in vitro.