Paulina Kościelniak

Coordinator of Foreign Students

Hi! My name is Paulina Kościelniak. I’m currently a 1st year MSc student studying biotechnology at the University of Silesia. My promoter is prof. zw. dr hab. Iwona Szarejko and my supervisor of my thesis is dr Marzena Kurowska. The subject of my thesis is „Optimization of Tests that Determine the Sensitivity of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Jasmonides and Analysis of Expression Profiles of Genes Encoding Aquaporins in Selected Mutants Containing Changes in the HvSNAC1 Gene (stress responsive NAC1)” I’m interested in molecular genetics gene expression, mutations and genetic transformation of plants. My main interest focuses on micropropagation which I spend most my time developing while working on the project “Jungle fever” at the Interdisciplinary student science club called “Planeta”.